AP 528

Signing Authority


The purpose of this procedure is to ensure that signing authority is clearly assigned and communicated that transactions and commitments are established with the appropriate authority and that the district’s business activities are conducted in accordance with appropriate laws, regulations, and board policy.

This policy applies to all contracts, commitments, or obligations to which the district is a party. No person may sign any document that creates an obligation on behalf of the district unless that individual has signing authority in accordance with this procedure.


Board policy 12 names the Secretary-Treasurer as the Corporate Officer of the Board in accordance with the provisions of the school act. The Secretary-Treasurer is the signing officer for the district, however signing authority may be delegated to meet operational requirements.

  1. Delegation of authority - annual limits

1.1 Grant Applications

All grant submissions over $5,000 must be approved by the Secretary-Treasurer (or designate) (AP 527)

1.2 Contracts and Purchase Orders

Authority limits will be reviewed annually. Currently, the following authority limits are delegated, consistent with AP (Administrative Procedure) 504:

  • Principals and Managers: Up to $10,000
  • Assistant Superintendents, Associate Superintendents and Directors of Learning Support Services and Curriculum: Up to $20,000
  • Assistant Secretary-Treasurer, Director of Information Technology and Director of Facilities: Up to $75,000
  • Secretary-Treasurer and Superintendent: No limit but will supply information over $1,000,000 to the Audit Committee
  1. Responsibility of employees

Regardless of the agreement dollar value, employees with signing authority have the following responsibilities:

2.1 To read the agreement and be assured that the district can meet its obligations and commitments within the terms of the agreement

2.2 To ensure the agreement complies with labour legislation, employee collective agreements, tax laws and other legislative and regulatory requirements

2.3 To ensure that any indemnity and insurance clauses are reviewed by the office of the Secretary-Treasurer

2.4 To ensure that the agreement can be paid for within approved budget and not create a deficit

2.5 To follow the purchasing procedures set out in AP 504

2.6 To manage the agreement throughout its term

(Last Revised: May 2023)