AP 527

Grant Applications


The purpose of this procedure is to ensure that grant applications are supported and that all schools have equitable access to grant funding.


The following grant application process will apply:

1.1 The grant application will:

  • Be consistent with the goals identified in the strategic plan
  • Respond to a clearly understood educational or operational need
  • Not undermine existing programs
  • Not directly benefit an individual student or staff member
  • Comply with district procedures regarding accounting and tax receipts

1.2 Prior to submitting any grant application, schools are to contact the Manager of Community Partnerships to ensure that there is no duplication of grant applications in the district

1.3 All grant submissions over $5,000 must be approved by the Secretary-Treasurer (or designate) for consideration

1.4 Grants over $5,000 are to charge a 10% administration fee that will be allocated to the Abbotsford School District

1.5 All grants over $1,000 are to be held at the Abbotsford School District and may not be held in school bank accounts

1.6 Notification of successful grant applications will be provided to the Assistant Secretary Treasurer prior to the receipt of funds

(Last Revised: January 2023)