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Parents & Community

Supporting Community Partnerships

Schools play a vital role in any community and are often regarded as the educational, recreational and social hub of a neighbourhood. The Abbotsford School District fosters and maintains partnerships with numerous agencies and organizations that support student achievement. These collaborations reflect a community that cares deeply about education and the future of its children.  

Education/School based sites

The Graduation Program (Ministry of Education)
For Secondary students working towards their British Columbia Certificate of Graduation or 'Dogwood Diploma'.

School catchment maps
Maps and other useful information regarding neighborhood school catchment areas for Abbotsford School DIstrict (Grades K to 12).
School locator website
(for parents wanting to know which school 'catchment' area they reside in.)
Bus schedules, eligibility, procedures and forms for bussing transportation within Abbotsford School District (Grades K-12).
(including Superintendent's Annual Report on Student Achievement.)
A young parent program
Central repository for instructional materials circulated throughout the Abbotsford School District.
Communication with your school
Useful information for both Parents and Staff regarding communicating with the school and resolving issues. 
Parents interested in our Traditional schools (ATSS, ATMS, King Traditional, Auguston Traditional and South Poplar elementary schools).

General information sites for parents

Antivirus Software
Antivirus software is used to detect, prevent and remove viruses and spyware, stop hacking and phishing attacks and can also protect consumers from identity theft.
(This information page provided by ConsumerAffairs, a consumer news and advocacy organization founded in 1998. Their website includes consumer news, recall information and tens of thousands of pages of consumer reviews.)

list established by Abbotsford District Teachers' Association (click on the "Tutors" link right side of menu bar)
Fraser Health
Fraser Health has a variety iof helpful information sources and tips for families. Here area few of them:

Garden and yard safety guide for parents
Follow these garden safety tips to keep yourself and your children safe (created and posted by a home & garden supplies company in Australia)