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Strategic Plan

Let's Do This!

As the Abbotsford School District continues to grow and evolve, our Board of Education remains committed to upholding a strategic plan that maintains the district's core values - Respect, Opportunity, and Innovation.

The Board of Education launched the 2016-2020 Strategic Plan after thorough research and consultation with staff and community members. Our Strategic Plan sets the direction for the school district, guiding our goals, projects and financial stewardship from 2016 to 2020. The most significant change to the district's Strategic Plan is the development of 4 key pillars - Student Success, Optimized Resources, Engaging Opportunities and Progressive Workforce.

Our Strategic Plan is in place that will lead us into the future to 2020. We're ready to move forward - Let's Do This!

Student Success

Students are our top priority. Our students will be engaged, challenged, and prepared for a lifetime of success.

Our goals

1. Improve early learning.

2. Increase student achievement and inquiry.

3. Increase graduation success.

Optimized Resources

Financial stewardship will guide our decision making. We will be creative and responsible in the management of our educational resources.

Our goals

4. Improve fiscal stewardship and transparency.

5. Improve customer service.

Engaging Opportunities

We'll be listening and watching. We will provide engaging opportunities for every member of our organization to contribute to student success.

Our goals

6. Increase parent and community engagement.

7. Improve ethical and innovative use of technology.

Progressive Workforce

The more we learn, the more we grow. We will provide a workplace that fosters creativity, inspires excellence, and challenges everyone to embrace growth.

Our goals

8. Increase employee performance and engagement.

9. Increase excellence in teaching.

10. Increase leadership excellence.

11. Improve organization health.