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District Parent Advisory Council (DPAC)

Abbotsford's Parent Advisory Councils

In Abbotsford, we believe that parents are partners in education. Each school has a Parent Advisory Council (PAC) and parents are encouraged to become involved in school activities. To find out about the PAC at your child’s school, contact the school administrator.

Abbotsford District Parent Advisory Council (DPAC) is an organization that welcomes and encourages representation from all Parent Advisory Councils in Abbotsford School District. Our purpose is to "support, encourage and improve the quality of education and well-being of children in our schools".

Our DPAC provides parents with information and advises our educational partners of parent concerns. We provide advocacy to parents and we encourage you to contact our Parent Information Resource Coordinators. A valuable resource is the Communication With Your School webpage, which outlines the appropriate steps in dealing with school-related matters.

We encourage and provide parent representation on district committees such as School Planning Council Steering Committee, Traffic and Safety Committee, Special Education Advisory Committee and many more. Please contact a DPAC representative to get a complete list of committees.

DPAC Executive Committee

For June 2016-May 2017

  • DPAC Chair: Sherri Anderson
  • Vice-Chair:
  • Treasurer: Loveleen Mann
  • Secretary:
  • Directors: Jason Mar and Sharon Smit



  • Date: DPAC meets the fourth Thursday of the month (except in: December, March, June, July and August.)
  • Time: 7 pm
  • Location: District Office, 2790 Tims Street (near City Hall)

The meetings consist of a guest speaker, committee reports and discussions of issues relating to parents. We gather and share information. All parents are welcome!
Minutes of previous DPAC meetings here.