Cheryl McLeod 

Executive Assistant, PVP & OPS Benefits

Tell us about your career journey that lead to your current role? How long have you been with the district?

I've worked in elementary, middle, and secondary schools, Facilities, and the Board Office. My education includes an SFU Bachelor's Degree and Diploma in Disability Management. I currently support in a 50% education/50% HR position.

What is the best part of working for the Abbotsford School District?

The Relationships and the experiences!  Every day is unique!  I have been SO LUCKY to work with amazing people! I am so proud of how we all work together to ensure that each child in our system receives a world-class, innovative, and personalized learning experience. Any one of us can be the adult connection a child needs and it has been my greatest pleasure to be 'that person' for some of the kids I've met in schools. Our greatest strength is in how we build relationships!