Male wearing glasses and blue shirt smiles for photo Brian Davies - HR Manager

Brian Davies

Manager, Support Portfolio

Tell us about your career journey that lead to your current role? How long have you been with the district? I have been in the HR field since 2006 and have worked in mostly manufacturing. I have been a generalist in the sense that for most of my career I have been the only HR person in the department. I have spent approximately I have been with the School District since June 2021 and have been enjoying getting to know folks within the district and helping to support our student's success.   What is the best part of working for the Abbotsford School District? I think that there is not one "best" part. I think that being able to focus on student success really aligns with my personal values in helping people succeed. The people that I get to work with each day make it easy to come to work.   What is something unique about you that you would like to share? Do you have favorite hobbies or activities outside of the office? In my spare time, I tend to work on Grade 8 homework with my daughter. I like to spend time outdoors camping with my wife and kids, getting back to basics with no cell signal and eating out of a pot.