Policy 16 – Programs/Schools of Choice

  1. Establishment of Alternate Programs or Schools

    1.1 The Board believes it has a responsibility to serve the diverse needs of students, as seen by parents, while recognizing the needs of the district as a whole.
    1.2 The Board will consider the establishment of alternate programs or schools only when the following criteria and conditions have been met.
          1.2.1 A proposed program or school must meet the requirements of the School Act and Regulations, and the provincial and district prescribed curriculum.
          1.2.2 A proposed alternate program or school will have a statement of philosophy and objectives.
          1.2.3 A proposed alternate program or school will be open to application by any student in the district. Where selection of students is required because of the nature of the program or space limitations, criteria and a process will be approved as part of the program or school proposal.
          1.2.4 The constraints of regular planning timelines of the district (school calendar, budget planning processes, etc.) will determine the date of establishment for an alternate program or school.
  2. Preliminary Assessment Required

    2.1 Where a proposal to establish an alternate school is considered, a comprehensive assessment will be undertaken which will include the long-term viability of the proposed offering, which shall include considerations such as, but not limited to:
         2.1.1 the ability to maintain established minimum enrolment levels without the provision of special transportation assistance by the Board;
         2.1.2 the impact on the viability of other established programs or schools;
         2.1.3 compatibility with the aims and objectives of the school district as established by the Board;
         2.1.4 a housing assessment which considers the availability of suitable space, the impact on the viability of other district programs or schools, and the potential impact on future capital funding for the district;
         2.1.5 a financial assessment which considers the availability of supporting grants and operating funds, as well as the financial impact on a district wide basis in both the short and long- term.
  3. Periodic Evaluation of Alternate Programs / Schools

    3.1 The Superintendent will ensure that an assessment mechanism for an alternate program or alternate school is established at the time of implementation. All alternate programs will be subject to periodic evaluations, with evaluation reports to be submitted to the Board.


AP203 – Establishment of Specialized Programs, Academies or Schools

Last Revised: October 22, 2013