Six middle school students stand in a line, smiling at camera SWANA club 2024

Chief Dan George Middle School’s SWANA Club Makes a Meaningful Impact

June 12, 2024

At Chief Dan George Middle School, a unique group of students is making waves with their dedication to cultural celebration and humanitarian efforts. The SWANA Club, composed of students from the SWANA region - South-West Asia and North Africa, has inspired community spirit and cultural pride.

Meeting every week, the SWANA Club’s core group of six students gathers to chat, check in, and, most importantly, plan for their next big project. The club’s inclusive nature has seen various students join in over time, and their “bring a friend” Mondays encourage students of all ethnicities to participate.

Throughout the school year, the SWANA Club has accomplished remarkable feats:

  • Fundraising for Humanitarian Causes: The club organized weekly hot lunches to raise funds for humanitarian crises around the world.

  • Educational Presentations: The club’s peer ambassadors led “A Day in the Life of a Fasting Middle Schooler” presentations, fostering empathy and understanding among their peers.

  • Cultural Celebrations: Currently, the club is preparing an end-of-year Eid al-Adha treat and activity lunch to share their cultural traditions with their schoolmates.

“The SWANA Club allowed students (and teachers) to find connections they would not otherwise have made,” said Sasha Tang, Teacher Sponsor. “From being proud of our culture to celebrating special events, to the little opportunities of realizing others understand us for who we are, has been a blessing for each of us.”

The SWANA Club’s dedication goes beyond just meeting once a week. When they have a project in the works, members often meet during lunchtime multiple times a week to ensure their plans come to fruition. Their commitment and hard work have not only benefited those in need but have also enriched the school’s cultural landscape.

Looking ahead, the SWANA Club hopes to grow and expand its efforts next year. The club aims to continue its mission of cultural celebration and community support, inspiring more students to join and make a difference.

The Abbotsford School District is proud of the SWANA Club’s achievements and looks forward to their continued success.

Hear from the club members: