Group photo of 2024 Retirees 2024 Retirees

Abbotsford School District Celebrates 2024 Retirees

June 18, 2024

The Abbotsford School District proudly celebrated its 2024 retirees with a memorable retirement dinner on June 5, 2024, at the Clarion Hotel. This special event celebrated the outstanding contributions and unwavering dedication of those retiring from education leadership, operations management, administration, teaching, and support staff roles.

Each retiree was recognized for their unique contributions and years of service, reflecting the district's gratitude for their daily dedication. Their collective efforts have shaped countless lives, leaving a lasting imprint on our schools, organization and community.

As they embark on new adventures, the Abbotsford School District wishes them joy, fulfillment, and success. We extend our sincerest congratulations and heartfelt thanks to all the 2024 retirees, acknowledging their vital role in nurturing and inspiring our students.

Education Leadership

Gino Bondi, Darlene MacDonald

Operations Management

Dale Churchill, Kelly Churchill, Ron Gregoire


Lance McDonald, Jeff Ritchie, Lori Whitman

Teaching Staff

Colin Abernethy, Jane Bartlett, Adriana Belsher, Laura Brar, Paula Brennan, Melanie Crocker, Remy Croteau, Pam Franklin, Jacquie Froese, Leann Goertzen Loeppky, Heather Hemmerich, Craig Hemmerich, Jennifer Hendrickson, Teresa Hootz, Bonnie Jacobson, Joel Janzen, Michelle Jones, Kim Jones, Sharon Kehoe, Norene Kitsul, Ed Klassen, Maria Limpright, Rick Mcdonald, Valerie Neufeldt, Susanna Perry, Tom Radnai, Mark Reglin, Lorri Taylor, Aline Tetrault, Pam Waterhouse, Laura Yankov

Support Staff

Ron Allison, Valerie Beasley, Eddie Becker, Margaret Brown, Scott Calder, Denise Connolly, Helen Duval, Lilia Friesen, Val Giesbrecht, Darshan Gill, Patti Helms, Kimberly Juulsen, Sue Kavelman, Bill Kellett, Douglas Lakusta, Ken Mclaren, Larri-June Miller, Mo Nelson, Kanti Panchawala, Milt Pearson, Laurie Salter, Linda Scott, Jocelyne Seguin, Lorrie Seidler, Wayne Steinwandt, Wendy Wagner, Patty Whitworth, Helen Williams