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AP 312

Home Visits


The purpose of this procedure is to establish guidelines for Abbotsford School District personnel making home visits.


A home visit is defined as entry to a student’s home at any time or occasion. Providing a student with a ride, or picking him/her up from a home, is not considered a home visit. Any home visit must be determined as essential by the principal and in the best interest of the student.

The district recognizes a student’s need for exceptional services due to health issues or other extraneous concerns. Home visits may occur with district personnel hired for such purposes specifically, Hospital/Homebound Teachers, Alternate Education Teachers and/or Youth Care Workers.

Principals are expected to:

1.Determine if the home visit is necessary.

2.Inform the staff making the home visit that if the situation becomes unsafe he/she must leavethe home at once and notify appropriate authorities.

3.Be notified by the staff (except the Hospital Homebound teachers) upon completion of a homevisit.

4.Ensure that the parent/guardian has been notified about the home visit as they, or anotherresponsible adult, must be present during the entire visit. If the parent/guardian will not behome during the visit, the principal must ensure the appropriate Learning Support Services formfor “Home Visits without a Parent/Guardian Present” has been completed, approved and signedby the Director of Instruction - Learning Support Services (or designate).

5.Have appropriate paperwork completed for approval of a Hospital/Homebound teacher (HHT)by the Director of Instruction - Learning Support Services (or designate)..

6.Ensure, in cases of Hospital Homebound Services, a schedule for teacher home visits ismonitored by Learning Support Services


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(Last Revised: June 2018)