AP 526



The purpose of this procedure is to provide guidance with respect to how the School District will promote the use of board property for the provision of childcare programs by either the board or third-party licensees.


  1. The School District will promote the use of Board property by licensed childcare providers between the hours of 7:00 AM and 6:00 PM on business days.
  2. The School District will, on an ongoing basis, assess community need for childcare programs on Board property, through a process of engagement with the community at large, stakeholder groups, Indigenous community representatives, and existing childcare operators. The process for engagement will be reviewed on an ongoing basis.
  3. If childcare programs are to be provided on Board property, the School District will determine, whether those programs are best provided by licensees or operated by the School District.
  4. The use of Board property by licensed childcare providers must not disrupt or otherwise interfere with the provision of educational activities including Early Learning Programs and extracurricular school activities.
  5. There may be mutual benefit, as a service to the community, to have childcare programs on Board property using spaces that are not currently required for educational activities.
  6. Childcare programs, if operated by the school district, will be operated for a fee no greater than the direct or indirect costs incurred in providing the childcare program.
  7. Fees for the use of Board property by third-party licensees will require the licensee to agree to comply with this administrative procedure.
  8. In selecting licensees to operate a childcare program, the School District will consider proposals that:
    • provide inclusive childcare; and
    • foster Indigenous reconciliation in childcare
    • are a registered Not for Profit.
  9. Any contract with a licensee, to provide a childcare program on property must be in writing in the form of a License to Occupy Agreement and is subject to an annual review. License to Occupy Agreement renewals are once a year (annually) for childcare located inside classrooms or school building areas and once every 3 years childcare programs taking place in buildings outside of a school-based building. The License to Occupy agreement will conform to the School District requirements and with all relevant policies and procedures of the district.
  10. School grounds including all play spaces are reserved exclusively for school use and licensed on- site childcare providers on days when schools are in session between the hours of 7 AM and 6 PM. There may be circumstances that would allow offsite childcare providers use of Board property during these hours at the discretion of the Secretary-Treasurer or designate. A formal application and agreement are required.
  11. The School District has structured and established the costs on which to charge a fee, for a childcare operation on school board property based on a cost recovery model. The recovery fee is based on direct and indirect costs as determined by the School District.

(Last Revised: April 2022)