AP 517

Construction Project Safety


The purpose of this procedure is to ensure that students, staff, and visitors at the Abbotsford School District facilities are safe during periods of renovation or construction.


The Abbotsford School District will instruct bidders, through tender documentation, of the requirement to meet the following measures. This procedure must be followed to ensure project safety.

1. Contractor

1.1 Before beginning work, provide CRC (Criminal Record Check) clearance to Purchasing Department for all workers attending any school site.

1.2 Before beginning work at any site, meet with the Director of Facilities or Designate and the building/school administrator to determine requirements for construction traffic, quiet time, work routines, and any other concerns relevant to the particular project site.

2. Building/School Principal & Director of Facilities or Designate

2.1 Before construction begins, tour the site to:
• ensure the impacted areas are secured
• review all fire and emergency exits and procedures
• establish emergency contacts and telephone numbers
• agree on a contractor site representative

3. Director of Facilities or Designate

3.1 Before construction begins, hold a meeting to review the scope of the project and the measures that have been implemented for minimizing disruption and ensuring occupants’ safety. The following parties will attend the meeting:
• School/Building Administrator
• Architect Representatives
• Contractor Representatives

3.2 During construction, hold regular site meetings. Schedule special site meetings as required or requested.

3.3 When construction is complete, hold a meeting to evaluate the effectiveness of the project and make recommendations for future project. Forward the recommendations to the Secretary-Treasurer.

3.4 Ensure that the specific project requirements are published and distributed to:
• architects and consultants
• contractors and sub-contractors
• principal/vice-principal

4. Construction Materials, Equipment, and Vehicles

4.1 Heavy equipment or construction vehicles will not enter or exit the site during a 40 minute period before the entry bell and after the dismissal bell, or at recess and lunch times. Whenever contractor or supplier vehicles are around the site, the contractor will provide properly trained and equipped flag-persons to direct traffic.

4.2 Equipment or vehicles will not be parked, and materials will not be left unattended, outside the fenced working area.

4.3 Material deliveries to the site will be coordinated with the installation requirements. Materials will not be routinely stored on site. If on-site storage is absolutely necessary, the contractor will provide the security needed to prevent theft and vandalism.

5. Noise, Dust and Odours

5.1 Any demolition required to connect new construction to an existing building will be scheduled as close to the end of the project as possible to protect school occupants from noise, dust, and odour. Additions to existing facilities and work within existing areas will generally be:

• done after normal school hours or during school holidays
• sealed off from occupied areas with plastic sheeting
• vented to remove odour and dust

6. Weather permitting; facilities under construction should have windows and exterior doors left open to remove dust and odours. As much time as possible should be scheduled before the school is occupied to permit natural ventilation, as well as the set-up of the air handling system.

7. When excessive noise, dust, or offensive odour is unavoidable, work will be coordinated with district staff.

8. Restricted Areas

8.1 Construction workers or suppliers will not enter existing occupied areas, except electrical rooms, mechanical rooms, or other areas to which access is required to carry out the work of the contract. Loitering in occupied areas or engaging students in conversation will not be tolerated. All school sites are non-smoking areas.

8.2 Anyone found in violation of these or any other district rules of behavior will immediately be banned from the site.

(Last revised: May 2021)