AP 515

Commercial Advertising and Solicitation of Funds


The purpose of this procedure is to provide guidelines pertaining to solicitation and advertising by outside organizations, commercial enterprises, and individuals in schools and on school district buildings, grounds, and vehicles. Any such activity must comply with Canada’s Anti-Spam Law.


1. Outside organizations will not be permitted to advertise events through the school or use students to sell tickets, except for activities sponsored or approved by the principal (in consultation with the parent advisory council) and reviewed by the Secretary-Treasurer (for possible conflict with district contracts).

2. All information, advertising, tickets, and other materials must bear the name of the sponsor.

3. The title ‘Board of Education of the Abbotsford School District’ will not be used on any materials, notices, or advertising without the specific consent of the Superintendent.

4. The school district email will not be used to distribute advertising materials to schools or students.

5. Commercial or ‘not for profit’ advertising in or on School District buildings, grounds or vehicles may be accepted subject to the following conditions.

5.1 Advertising is permitted with the written approval of the Superintendent

5.2 No commercial advertising shall be accepted which profiles alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, any controlled substances or stimulant drugs, contraceptives, personal hygiene products, political messages/parties, medications, messages with sexual overtones or other products/services deemed objectionable by the Board of Education. Only wholesome and healthy products and messages will be considered.

6. The focus of commercial advertising on school buildings, grounds or vehicles is to convey a message to the general public. Messages will be placed in a manner that minimizes exposure to students.

(Last Revised: June 2014)