AP 513

Vehicle Accident Reporting and Review


The purpose of these procedures is to ensure that appropriate and consistent reporting and review guidelines are followed when Abbotsford School District vehicles are involved in an accident.


1. A vehicle accident is defined as an event resulting from the operation of a vehicle which causes injury ordeath to personnel and/or damage to equipment or property.

2. Every vehicle accident must be reported to the Transportation Manager no later than the end of theshift in which the damage has been found or the accident has occurred.

3. Accidents and damage will be reported on a Driver’s Report of Accident form), which is available fromthe Transportation Office.

4. Damages resulting from accidents, misuse, or any other cause will be repaired with costs beingrecoverable under appropriate circumstances.

5. Damages identified during “Pre-Trip” inspections may be treated as “incidents” and not necessarily besubject to full investigation and/or review by the committee.

6. The committee will positively recognize circumstances where care and caution have been evident overlong periods with respect to vehicle and student safety.

7. This section provides guidelines for reporting accidents or damages, and identifies the members of theAccident Review Committee (ARC).

7.1.1 The Vehicle Accident Review Committee consists of the following:

  • Secretary-Treasurer
  • Director of Facilities & Transportation
  • Transportation Manager
  • Unionized Employee (Teamster)
  • Teamsters’ Union Representative

7.1.2 The committee will review all major accidents, damages or personal injuries as reported under this policy and complete an Accident Investigation Report. This requirement may be set aside at the discretion of the Secretary-Treasurer.

8. Inspections

8.1 Responsibility for vehicle inspection will be as follows:

  • 8.1.1 Drivers must inspect their assigned vehicle daily
  • 8.1.2 Drivers must ensure they properly complete a Vehicle Defect Report and submit the completed report to the Transportation department:
    District vehicles – daily
    School busses – daily
  • 8.1.3 Mechanics will inspect all vehicles while performing routine maintenance or repair work

9. Vehicle Repairs

9.1 The Transportation manager will provide estimated costs of repairs, broken down by parts andlabour, not later than five (5) working days after receiving and investigating the Driver’s Report of Accident.


10.1 Information provided during the Vehicle Accident Investigation process will be compiled forstatistical use by the Transportation Manager and the Secretary-Treasurer.

10.2 If employees misuse an assigned vehicle, disciplinary and/or cost recovery procedures may be initiated at the discretion of the Director of Facilities or the Accident Review Committee.

(Last Revised: June 2018)