AP 509

Disposal of Surplus Equipment


The purpose of this procedure is to ensure that aged and/or surplus equipment is removed from the Abbotsford School District facilities expediently, while providing the best return to the district if items are unable to be repurposed at other sites. This section describes the process for removing and disposing of surplus equipment.


1.  A school principal or departmental supervisor may declare a piece of equipment to be surplus if the item:

  • has reached the end of its useful life cycle
  • is beyond economical repair, or is too expensive to operate
  • involves outdated technology
  • is environmentally unsafe or hazardous
  • is inappropriate for current instruction

2. Any proceeds received (except from trade-ins) from the sale of surplus equipment will be retained by the district. Proceeds from a trade-in can be applied to the cost of new equipment.

3. Preference will be given to providing surplus educational equipment to local non-profit or charitable agencies at a fair price.

4. The Purchasing Manager will be responsible for ensuring that equipment declared surplus is reviewed and removed from the School District as required. To have a piece of equipment removed from the school or facility for disposal, these steps must be followed:

4.1 Complete and sign: AP 509-1 Surplus Equipment Disposal Request The form is to be forwarded to the Purchasing Manager when complete.

4.2 The Purchasing Manager will review the completed form, and, if necessary, physically inspect the equipment declared surplus and make the final decision on method of disposal.

4.3 When equipment is replaced the principal will be notified of the specific items declared surplus so that they may be removed from the school’s inventory listing AP 508-1 – Capital Equipment Inventory.

4.4 The Purchasing Manager will choose a disposal method depending on the condition and type of equipment. Disposal methods include:
• auction of equipment with resale value to the general public
• where economically justified, giving equipment away free to the public (e.g., student desks and chairs that have no monetary value and that would incur landfill costs for disposal)
• sale to scrap metal or junk dealers
• recycling
• landfill

4.5 The Purchasing Manager shall retain all disposal records for audit purposes.

4.6 The principal will ensure that the surplus equipment is removed from the school’s inventory listing.


AP 509-1 Surplus Equipment Disposal Request

(Last Revised: June 2019)