AP 506

Fundraising by Schools


The purpose of this procedure is to ensure that fundraising by schools in the Abbotsford School District does not interfere with school activities, and that funds are properly dispersed and accounted for. This section provides guidelines for raising, allocating, using, and auditing funds. All fundraising procedures must comply with Canada’s Anti-Spam Law.


1. The following fundraising guidelines will apply:

1.1 Principals should avoid encroaching on the territory of other schools that may also be fundraising.

1.2 Principals should avoid competing in the marketplace where established businesses may be disadvantaged.

1.3 Instructional time of staff and students should not be compromised or affected by fundraising events.

1.4 When canvassing, students should always identify themselves, their school, and the school project they represent.

2. The approval of the Superintendent must be obtained before Abbotsford schools may participate inraffles or sweepstakes that are sponsored by organizations other than a school in the district.

3. The possible uses for any surplus funds must be identified at the outset. Funds must only be used forthe purposes for which they were raised or allocated. This includes any interest accrued on thosefunds.

4. The school accounts must reflect the balance of each project or fundraising group (for example, trackclub or skiing). The balance of each account should be identified monthly on the school financial statement and be reported to the Secretary-Treasurer. The account showing the income andexpenditure of each fundraising project should be available upon request to the fundraisers.

5. Separate bank or trust accounts are not permitted for the various activities.

6. Schools may fundraise for external charities at the discretion of the school principal. Unless otherwise approved by the Superintendent, approved external charities are limited to those registered with the Canada Revenue Agency as a legitimate charitable organization.

7. When raising funds for particular projects such as band trips and field trips, all parties involved must beclearly notified of what will happen to the funds if the project is not concluded.

8. School-raised funds will be audited internally at the discretion of the Secretary-Treasurer. The schoolprincipal will review the accounts regularly.

9. Assets purchased from school raised funds or funds raised by Parent Advisory Councils and other associations that are donated to the school district will permanently remain the property of the school district.



AP 505 – School Generated Funds

(Last Revised: June 2018)