AP 417

Information and Communication Services


The Abbotsford School District has guidelines and expectations for every employee regarding their use of information technology and online communications. The district is committed within available resources to providing reliable and secure online systems and resources for the purpose of learning, teaching and the management and administration of district operations.


1. Access and Usage

1.1 The School District makes available computer equipment, communication devices, internet access and resources, email, web applications, intranet and other communication services (“Systems and Equipment”) to authorized users to assist them in performing employment duties.

1.2 Authorized users/employees are responsible for all activities related to their use of the Systems and Equipment.

1.3 Personal digital devices including laptops and cellular phones are subject to the same standards of use as district devices while on district property or while being used during work-related events.

1.4 The district may audit district-owned devices as well as data stored on district services for compliance purposes. For example, regarding protecting privacy as per the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (“FIPPA”).

1.5 The district may disconnect personal devices that compromise proper operation of the network.

1.6 Copyright laws and terms and conditions of websites and services must be adhered to.

1.7 When possible, staff are to use district services for publishing of online material. If a non-district website or service is used with students, consent form AP334-2, Supplemental Digital Learning Services should be used if any private information is involved.

1.8 Personal social media accounts may not be used with students.

2. Security and Safety

2.1 Authorized users must conduct themselves in a safe, ethical manner that does not compromise the security of the networks either through sharing user credentials or by using programs or devices that interfere with information technology operations.

2.2 Passwords are to be kept confidential.

3. Bring Your Own Device

3.1 The definition Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), refers to personal district network or internet connected devices (laptops, phones, tablets, etc.), internet of things (IOT) devices and artificial intelligence (AI) devices.

3.2 Routers and wireless access points are not considered to be BYOD and are not permitted to be connected to the district’s network.

4. Privacy and Confidentiality

4.1 The School District is a public body governed by the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (“FIPPA”). Records created by School District employees in the course of their employment are records within the custody or control of the district. Users should be aware that all records created using the Systems and Equipment may be accessible under FIPPA.

4.2 Users are expected to respect all guidelines from the “Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act” to ensure that personal information complies with FIPPA.

4.3 The Systems and Equipment are the property of the School District and the district may from time to time for business, operational, data security and investigative purposes access the Systems and Equipment. Note that the district does not routinely or continuously monitor user’s use of the Systems and Equipment for employment purposes.

4.4 The use of the Systems and Equipment for personal purposes is neither private nor confidential and users who choose to access and use the Systems and Equipment for personal purposes should be aware that there is no expectation of privacy in their use.

4.5 All access to the Systems and Equipment by the School District will comply with the School District’s personal information privacy obligations set out in FIPPA.

4.6 The Superintendent (or designate) may remove locally posted communication that is unacceptable. Authorized users cannot copy or post messages to public areas without the consent of the user and complying with content guidelines of this procedure.

Information and Communication Services Employee Agreement

I have read the above information. As an employee of the Abbotsford School District I understand that my use of technology in the district requires compliance with the above information.

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(Last Revised: April 2019)