AP 416



The purpose of this procedure is to formally recognize and support the use of volunteers in schools in the district and to detail appropriate screening and acceptance procedures.


1. Volunteers may be engaged as resource people or in supportive services, as follows:

1.1 Resource Volunteers have a relevant area of experience and expertise, and are involved on a short- term basis to enhance the education program e.g.: workshops, concerts, class presentations. Their visits are planned and supervised by a certified teacher. These volunteers usually do not need to complete an application form.

1.2 Support Service Volunteers who directly or indirectly help teachers or groups of teachers to achieve educational objectives by providing non-instructional services, (e.g. team coaches, etc.) are required to complete an application form AP 416-2 Volunteer Application Form.

2. Volunteers, individually and in groups, will be governed by regulations determined by each school’s principal, relating to the internal operation of the school, but no volunteer will be assigned to a teacher without the teacher’s consent.

3. Principals are required to follow the Procedure “Screening and Acceptance of Volunteers” for all Support Service Volunteers.

4. The principal can refuse to allow a volunteer to work in the school if these procedures are not agreed to by the volunteer or where the volunteer is deemed not acceptable subsequent to the screening process.

5. For insurance purposes, volunteers will be considered agents of the Board while providing volunteer services.

6. Screening and Acceptance of Volunteers

6.1 Principals are required to complete the following procedure in the screening and acceptance of all Support Service Volunteers.

  • 6.1.1 All Support Service Volunteers (and Resource Volunteers, at the discretion of the Principal) are required to complete the Volunteer Application Form. This is a District form and must be used as attached and must carry District letterhead.

6.2 The Principal will screen these applicants, using the Risk Factor Protocol AP 416-3 Risk Factor Protocol

6.3 A letter of understanding must be signed for those volunteers accepted to work in schools. This letter may be individualized by schools. A sample of the letter is attached. Each school’s lettermust, however, include the following:
• the need for confidentiality
• the right to discontinue the services of the volunteer
• the school year for which the letter is applicable.

6.4 Reference checks are optional for Low or Medium Risk situations but are required for High Risk situations see AP 416-3 Risk Factor Protocol

6.5 At the discretion of the principal the school may pay for Police Information Checks for school volunteers.

6.6 When a principal deems an applicant to volunteer to be unsuitable for any situation, the reasons for this should be given to the applicant.




(Last Revised: June 2019)