AP 415

Roadway Crossing Guards


The purpose of this procedure is to provide guidelines for adding, changing, or removing paid adult crossing guards to maximize student pedestrian safety.


1. Where student or parent safety patrols are not provided at schools, these guidelines will be followed to add, change, or remove paid adult crossing guards:

1.1 Paid guards will not be placed at intersections controlled by traffic lights unless directed by the Secretary-Treasurer or through the Superintendent.

1.2 Paid guards may be approved in cases where all relevant details have been analyzed (see the procedure for determining the need for guards below).

1.3 In emergencies, a temporary paid guard may be placed. This will not constitute a permanent commitment.

1.4 A list, in priority order, of all paid adult guard crossings will be submitted to the Secretary-Treasurer annually.

1.5 Paid guards will not be placed at a crossing until the municipality, in consultation with the School District, paints a crosswalk in the appropriate area and places signs showing the area to be a student crossing.

2. To add, change, or remove paid crossing guard, a written request to the Director of Facilities must be submitted to initiate further action. The request must be supported in writing by the following:

2.1 The Principal of the school, providing reasons for not establishing a student patrol

2.2 A majority of parents whose children attend the school and use the crossing, providing reasons for not establishing a parent patrol

2.3 The municipal traffic control officer, identifying municipal concerns and any commitment to improving areas of safety such as sidewalks, lights, crosswalks, etc.

2.4 The police department, identifying concerns and recommendations for change that the school district and municipality should make

2.5 A three-day count of students using the crossing in the morning, at noon, and after school

3. When the items listed above have been submitted, the Director of Facilities will undertake the following steps:

3.1 Review the crossing situation site.

3.2 Verify the student count as reflected in the written submission.

3.3 Discuss the matter with the appropriate municipal officials to determine:

  • 3.3.1 Improvements that can be made at the site
  • 3.3.2 Long-term plans for the site
  • 3.3.3 Recent changes to the site
  • 3.3.4 Physical characteristics of the current site that present a safety risk to pedestrians

3.4 Evaluate the existing budget and alternative sources of funding.

3.5 Determine which current crossing guard location may be changed or eliminated to accommodate a change.

3.6 Recommend an action plan to the Secretary-Treasurer based on available information.

(Last Revised: July 2017)