AP 412

Occupational Health and Safety


This procedure outlines the Occupational Health and Safety Management systems and processes followed by the District.


1.The Occupational Health and Safety System outlines the roles, responsibilities, structures and processes followed within the Abbotsford School District. The System outlines the following:

  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Due Diligence
  • Training Requirements
  • Workplace Inspections
  • Supervision
  • Safety Reporting and Documentation
  • Risk Assessment
  • Hazard Control
  • Accident Investigation
  • First Aid and Emergency
  • Chemical Safety
  • Protection of Employees from Violence
  • Employees Working Alone
  • Contractor Safety

2.Procedures specific to each area are outlined and updated on a continual basis. Documentation can be found both within each worksite, and online.

(Last Revised: May 2013)