AP 412

Occupational Health and Safety


The purpose of this procedure is to convey the District's commitment to a safe and healthy learning and working environment. This procedure outlines the principles which guide the District in creating and maintaining a safe and healthy workplace and identifies responsibilities necessary to meet this commitment.


  1. The Abbotsford School District is committed to providing and maintaining a healthy and safe working environment through the development, promotion and implementation of programs designed to improve employee well-being and prevent occupational illness and injury, workplace violence and harassment.
  2. The District fulfills this goal through the maintenance of a Safety Management System (SMS) that encompasses all work actions, processes, programs, procedures and defined responsibilities that support employees’ health and safety.
  3. The SMS brings together and outlines the district’s programs, procedures, policies and responsibilities that support staff safety and achieves the provisions specified by Worker’s Compensation Act 21 (2) and OHS Regulation 3.1 and 3.3.
  4. The SMS is accessible to all staff and maintained on the Workplace Safety SharePoint Page and includes but is not limited to the following programs, procedures and safe work practices: Asbestos Management Program; Lead-Based Paint Management Program, Workplace Violence Prevention Program; Communicable Disease Prevention, Workplace Inspection Program; Electrical Safety Program; New Worker Orientation; Occupational First Aid Program; Joint OHS Committees; Incident Reporting; Ergonomics; Indoor Air Quality; Confined Space Entry Program; Ladder Safety; Contractor Coordination Program; De-energization and Lockout.

5. Responsibilities

5.1 Senior Management is responsible for improving health and safety performance, overseeing the implementation and continual improvement of the SMS, establishing objectives for occupational health and safety, and reviewing and updating AP 412.

5.2 School Administrators and Managers are responsible for ensuring that employees adhere to health and safety policies, and safe work procedures/practices, and provide the tools, training and education needed to ensure a healthy and safe workplace.

5.3 Supervisors are responsible for the safety of employees who report to them and must advise employees of potential and actual hazards, and take every reasonable precaution for the protection of employees, and contractors.

5.4 Employees are responsible for working in compliance with established safe work procedures, and practices, the Workers Compensation Act, Occupational Health & Safety Regulation. All employees have the responsibility to report any workplace incident, near-miss occurrence, or possible unhealthy or unsafe condition, and/or unsafe behaviour.

5.5 Joint Occupational Health & Safety Committees act as an advisory body, to identify hazards and corrective action, promote a positive culture of safety, participate in incident investigations and workplace inspections, and make recommendations to resolve health and safety concerns.

5.6 Contractors are expected to work in compliance with the Workers Compensation Act, Occupational Health & Safety Regulation, and applicable District safety requirements.


Worker’s Compensation Act 21 (2) (c)

WorkSafeBC OHS Regulation 3.1 and 3.3

Workplace Safety SharePoint Page

(Last Revised: June 2023)