AP 409

Use of District Equipment


The purpose of this procedure is to ensure that Abbotsford School District equipment is used only by authorized individuals to deliver educational programs. This section provides guidelines for acquiring, removing, using, and disposal of school district equipment, and describes inventory requirements.


The term “equipment” includes all furnishings, tools, electronic devices and vehicles that are owned, leased, or rented by the school district.

District equipment will only be used to facilitate or support the delivery of educational programs. Equipment will not be purchased or used except for this purpose. Equipment will be used based on the needs of the district, rather than as convenient for employees.

1. Guidelines

  • 1.1 All school district equipment will be inventoried when they are acquired and regularly after that, as set out in the procedures below.
  • 1.2 Personal use of school district assets by employees, or the lending of equipment to any individual, is strictly forbidden.
  • 1.3 School district equipment is generally controlled by the Board employee responsible for the facility where the asset is placed, specifically:
    • school buildings – principal in charge
    • facilities and transportation buildings, including materials warehouse – Director of Facilities
    • district administration building – Secretary-Treasurer
    • district media centre – district vice-principal in charge
  • 1.4 The Board employee responsible for the facility where the equipment is placed may approve the temporary removal of equipment from the facility only if the equipment is to be used for school district work off premises. In these cases, written authorization will be provided by the responsible administrator, as set out above by completing AP 409-1 Equipment Loan Request. Lending of equipment to not-for-profit organizations or agencies is permitted with prior approval from the principal of that school as per section 1.3.
  • 1.5 The Secretary-Treasurer or Superintendent may, at their discretion, approve the use of school district equipment by other public bodies located within district boundaries, subject to the regulations set out in the procedures below.

2. Unauthorized Uses of District Equipment

  • 2.1 Notwithstanding all other provisions of this procedure, the following are unauthorized uses of district equipment:
    • any use that could result in damage to the equipment
    • use for personal gain or any type of business activity

3. The regular school program and district operations will have first priority in using district equipment. Equipment must be available for district use during regular working hours. Any equipment taken off premises under the provisions set out below must be returned promptly by the individual at an agreed time.

4. District equipment will not be permanently located off district premises. Equipment may only be temporarily located off district premises to facilitate or support the delivery of educational programs, and the prior written approval of the Secretary-Treasurer must be obtained.

5. Personal communication devices (such as cellular telephones and electronic communication systems, including electronic mail and fax) will be acquired only when required by the employer to conduct school district business. These devices or systems will not be used for personal communication (whether incoming or outgoing). If an employee receives or sends personal communication, the employee is required to reimburse the school district for any cost incurred as soon as that cost is reasonably known.

6. Inventory
Along with the provisions of AP 508 – Inventory of Assets the following requirements will apply:

  • All equipment that has an original purchase value of $500 or more will be recorded into inventory at the time of acquisition.
  • The Board employee responsible for the facility where the equipment is placed (as identified in the policy above) will maintain a current inventory listing all equipment, (with an original purchase value of $500 or more) model, and serial number (where applicable), and its location in the facility. Inventory records must be made available for inspection if requested by either the Secretary-Treasurer or Superintendent.
  • The Director of Facilities will be responsible for developing and administering a specific procedure for managing the district’s inventory of tools used to maintain facilities.

7. Disposal
Equipment must be disposed of as set out in AP 509 – Disposal of Surplus Equipment. District equipment may not be given to an employee, donated to charity, or otherwise disposed of outside the provisions of AP 509.


AP 409-1 Equipment Loan Request
AP 508 – Inventory of Assets
AP 509 – Disposal of Surplus Equipment

Last Revised: June 2016