AP 407

Employees Seeking Political Office


Employees of the Abbotsford School District have the same fundamental civic responsibilities and privileges as any other citizen, including campaigning for an elective public office and holding an elective or appointed public office. The purpose of this procedure is to ensure that these responsibilities and privileges do not conflict with school district employees’ job responsibilities.


  1. Employees interested in participating in the political process should prevent conflict of interest, and should assess the time and commitment required. In connection with campaigning, employees will not use school district facilities, equipment, or supplies, and will not use time during the work day to discuss their campaign with anyone (e.g. school personnel, students, parents/guardians).
  2. Employees who intend to campaign for an elective public office will notify the Secretary-Treasurer of the office they intend to seek. The employee must decide if they wish to continue active employment during the campaign or apply for a leave of absence. If an employee decides to continue employment, he/she must abide by their respective collective agreements and/or the terms and conditions of employment as set out by the Board.
  3. The Secretary-Treasurer will meet with the employee to discuss the candidacy for office and the time required by the duties of the elected office. The Secretary-Treasurer will then make a recommendation to the Superintendent for consideration. If the proposed candidate does not agree with the recommendation, the candidate has the right to appear before the Board.
  4. Once approved by the Superintendent in writing, the employee must continue to abide by Board policies, ensure the employee’s political activities do not detrimentally affect his/her services to the school district, and comply with the Elections Act and any other relevant statutes.
  5. An employee elected or appointed to public office who is required to attend meetings during the regular work day may, upon approval of the Superintendent, be given leave of absence without pay for the necessary period, not in excess of five working days in any calendar year.


AP 406 – Employee Conflict of Interest

Last Revised: May 2013