AP 403

Professional Development - Support Staff


The purpose of this procedure is to encourage Support Staff in the Abbotsford School District to maintain and update their professional qualifications.


1. Definitions

  • 1.1 Professional development may be broadly defined as any activity or event at which support staff can:
    • Update their professional knowledge and/or expertise
    • Enhance skills necessary to interact effectively with internal and external contacts
    • Obtain knowledge and/or skills in areas related to the individual’s personal professional growth

2. Professional development for support staff may be arranged to coincide with scheduled District or Provincial Professional Development Days.

3. It is expected that all principals/vice-principals, managers and supervisors strongly encourage all support staff employees to participate in professional development activities approved by the respective principal/vice-principal, manager or supervisor.

4. Professional Development – General

  • 4.1 Employees are encouraged to:
    • Participate collaboratively in professional development programs and activities offered by the District
    • Develop and/or maintain a high standard of effectiveness in their work
    • Keep pace with changes in content, philosophy, methodology and techniques involved in their work
    • Develop and/or use materials, processes and/or curricula which will enhance the employee’s skills and abilities in performing the duties of his/her position.

5. District-Wide Professional Development Days

  • 5.1 Professional development days are paid work days for all Regular and School-Term employees. Employees are expected to participate in workshops organized/approved by the District on the designated Professional Development days except where alternate arrangements have been approved by the respective principal/vice-principal, manager, supervisor.

Last Revised: May 2013