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AP 335

Student Photographers


The purpose of this procedure is to provide guidelines for administering contracts with private companies to take photographs of students on school premises in the Abbotsford School District.


1. When selecting proposals from photographic companies, the following minimum specifications for pictures will be considered:

1.1 Minimum specifications for pictures, which will be established prior to tendering, may include:
•photo size
•head size
•type of paper
•number of poses
•guaranteed cost of pictures to students
•a laminated student ID card featuring the students’ photo at no extra cost to the student or district
•An electronic set of student photos for use by the school
•delivery date
•services provided to yearbooks and schools, including the taking of group and individual photographs
•past performance

2. Photo Procedures at School

2.1 The principal of each school will determine the procedure for taking school pictures. The principal will notify parents:
•of the purpose and procedure in advance of the date for taking pictures
•that they are free to purchase or not purchase the photo packages
•of the successful bid price
•that a copy of the student photo may be used in school yearbooks
•that a copy of the student photo will be added to the provincial student information system

2.2 All student photographs must be taken on school premises.

2.3 The principal of each school will establish clearly defined procedures and responsibilities for collecting money for pictures to ensure both understanding and accountability. Any distribution of information about collection of money or sale of photographs must comply with Canada’s Anti-Spam Law.

To assure quality and uniformity, the principal may insist that only those pictures taken by the successful contract bidder be accepted for inclusion in the yearbook.

(Last Revised: June 2016)