AP 327

Medical Alert Conditions


The District recognizes that there are students with potentially life threatening conditions who may require emergency care while at school. This procedure addresses the identification of students with medical alert conditions and delineates responsibilities of school district staff, parents, and health providers in providing a safe school environment for these students.


1. The safety, health and well-being of students is a joint responsibility of parents, school personnel, and students. It is expected that school personnel will work with parent/student/family physician, Fraser Health, Medical Health Officer or designate to develop a comprehensive plan to address the needs of each identified medical alert condition student.

2. Examples of medical alert conditions include:

3. Roles and Responsibilities

3.1 The parents/guardians have the primary responsibility for:

3.2 The principal and the school staff have the responsibility for:

  • Ensuring the safety and well-being of students during school hours and during after-school activities organized by the school, by alerting staff involved with the student to have appropriate training as related to the Medical Alert Planning Form
  • Collecting information from parents/guardians of medical alert condition students by requesting they fill in AP 323-1 Diabetes Support Plan and Medical Alert Information, AP 323-2 Diabetes Medication Administration Form, AP 327-1 Medical Alert Planning Form, Seizure Action Plan & Medical Alert Information form and/or AP 328-1 Request for Administration of Medication at School
  • Informing parents of any changes in the classroom environment that may create a health concern for a student with a medical alert condition
  • Preparing appropriate information for any teachers-on-call who work with students with medical alert conditions under his/her authority
  • Providing a safe and appropriate storage area for medication at school or on field trips
  • Informing ALL parents when the environment of the school is changed by actions of district employees such as when pesticides are sprayed, weeds sprayed, or major school repairs such as painting, roofing, tarring, redoing carpets, or when any substances with strong fumes are used
  • Providing a safe and supportive environment for students with medical alert conditions so they can participate in activities leading toward the goals of schooling
  • Returning all medication to parents at the end of each school year

4. Should an emergency occur, AP 323 - Support for Students with Type 1 Diabetes (T1D), AP 326 –Student Illness or Injury at School, AP 328 – Administration of Medication to Students and AP 330 –Allergic Shock (Anaphylaxis) shall apply.


AP 327-1 Medical Alert Planning Form
Seizure Action Plan and Medical Alert Information Form

(Last Revised: June 2022)