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AP 320

Possession of Weapons or Explosives


The purpose of this procedure is to protect students and staff in the Abbotsford School District from the misuse of dangerous weapons or objects on school grounds.


1. A person will not possess, handle, use, display on school grounds, or transport to school grounds any object that can be considered a weapon or an explosive, including but not limited to the following:
• Firearms (including replica)
• Knives
• Batons
• Brass knuckles
• Clubs
• Martial arts devices
• Fireworks or other incendiary devices
• Pepper spray

1.1 These items will not be tolerated in any school-related activity, function, or event. The possession or use of objects not generally considered weapons may be prohibited when the principal or designate determines that the object may be dangerous to any student, school employee, or to school property.

2. When a weapon has been confiscated or it is discovered that a person possesses a weapon, the police will be advised (see AP 332 – Search and Seizure). When deemed necessary by the Violence Threat Risk Assessment (VTRA) interdisciplinary team, schools will conduct a violence and risk assessment on any student who is in possession of a weapon.

3. Students who violate this procedure may be disciplined in concert with the District and School Codes of Conduct.

4. Each school principal will ensure that all students and their parents or guardians are fully apprised of this procedure at the beginning of each school year.

5. Some students, such as those who follow the Sikh faith, may wear items in observance of their religious beliefs. Such students have a responsibility to communicate these practices to the principal. Students who wear a kirpan should alert the principal who should advise such students about appropriately concealing it.


Emergency Standard Operating Procedures

Board Policy 15 ‘Student Code of Conduct’

(Last Revised: July 2017)