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AP 316

Student Absences from School


The purpose of this procedure is to ensure that all student absenteeism and tardiness in the district are appropriately documented and that students with chronic absenteeism receive the support required.


1. The principal or designate must ensure that all absences from school (lates, partial or full-day absences) are recorded and that parents are informed of any unexcused absences.

2. The principal or vice-principal will provide the School-Based Team with the names of any students with chronic absences so that appropriate planning and supports can be determined to maintain the student’s educational programming.

3. Extended Absences

3.1 Parents/guardians should carefully consider the negative effects that an extended absence from school may have on their child’s/children’s total educational progress.

  • 3.1.1 When an extended student absence is contemplated, the parents/guardians are asked to contact the school principal as early as possible prior to the departure date. Consideration should be given to the impact of an extended absence on the educational progress of the student. Work packages may be requested but are provided to parents solely at the discretion of the principal in consultation with the classroom teacher(s).
  • 3.1.2 If the extended absence is due to a medical or social-emotional issue, parents/guardians are asked to work closely with the principal and the School-Based Team to ensure that the student’s educational programming is accommodated as appropriate. Referral to the Hospital-Homebound Teacher service may be suggested.


School Act Section 6 Duties of Students

School Act, Section 5(8) of the Regulation to the School Act defines the powers and duties of principals and vice-principals with respect to student attendance, and Section 4(1)(f) of the Regulation to the School Act defines the duties of teachers with respect to student attendance.

(Last Revised: May 2013)