AP 313

Entry to Kindergarten


The purpose of this procedure is to set the age at which children are eligible for entry to kindergarten in the district. This section sets the minimum age for entry to kindergarten, describes circumstances under which exceptions may be made, and provides guidelines for addressing the needs of more capable students.


1. Children who reach age 5 on or before December 31 are eligible to enter kindergarten in September. Exception to this procedure is granted if a twin to a child born on December 31 is born on January 1.

2. An exception may also be granted if a four-year old child, whose formal education is already underway, enters from another jurisdiction (usually another country or province), and denying entry would interrupt the child’s formal education. In this case, the parent is responsible for providing evidence of enrolment in a previous educational program. This does not include private nursery schools or similar pre-school entry programs.

3. Kindergarten remains an optional program in BC. Parents/guardians, after consultation with the local school principal, may choose to defer their child’s entry to school for one year. The child will commence school the following September in either Kindergarten or Grade One.

4. A basic principle of child development is that variability is the norm, with a wide range of abilities present within any age group. Some differences result from individual learner characteristics and some are due to experience. In keeping with the Ministry of Education and Child Care Special Education Policy, all students should have equitable access to learning, as well as opportunities for achievement and the pursuit of excellence in all aspects of their educational programs. The learning needs of more capable students can be appropriately addressed by working with the School-Based Team and may include the development of an Individualized Education Plan.

5. Although most students are ready for the full-day Kindergarten program, which begins for all students, on the second Wednesday in September, some students may require a longer period of time to adjust to the full-day program. This can also be appropriately addressed by working with the School-Based Team, and may result in the development of an Individualized Education Plan until the child is ready to begin full-day attendance.


Full Day Kindergarten

(Last Revised: June 2016)