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AP 311

Inclusion of Students with Diverse Learning Needs


The purpose of this procedure is to ensure that special education programs of the Abbotsford School District comply with Ministerial standards for inclusion to students with diverse learning needs. These needs may include:
• Intellectual or physical disabilities
• Mental health concerns
• Challenges in social emotional learning and self-regulation
• English language learners
• Gender variance


1. Inclusion refers to purposeful, timely and planned participation of all students, including those with diverse learning needs, in the regular classroom and school community. The classroom teacher, in collaboration with other school staff, school based team, school principals and district staff, will determine an appropriate educational program that will uphold the student’s individual rights and educational needs in the most enabling environment.

2. Inclusion of students with Ministry of Education Designations in their classroom and school community will be supported by the school and district with resources appropriate to the needs of the individual student as outlined in their Individual Education Plan (IEP).

3. The school and district will provide learning spaces which are appropriate for the needs of diverse learners in the least restrictive environment. These spaces may include:

• Inclusion in the regular classroom with support as needed
• Inclusion in the regular classroom with pull out to other educational spaces when needed
• Placement in district program with appropriate classroom inclusion

4. Each school will establish a School-Based Team (SBT) (see AP 207 School Based Teams) to provide a supportive and consultative body within the school to assist classroom teachers in addressing the inclusion of diverse learners within the school.

(Last Revised: June 2016)