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AP 306

Playground Equipment


The purpose of this procedure is to establish guidelines for the selection, installation and maintenance of adventure playground equipment at elementary school sites, and to affirm the parameters for funding the provision of adventure playgrounds. 


1. The selection, installation and maintenance of adventure playground equipment are based upon the need to ensure the greatest possible degree of safety for students. All new playground equipment must be approved for use by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA). 

2. In order to ensure adherence to CSA safety requirements respecting the alignment and relative proximity of playground equipment components, development plans must have prior approval of the Director of Facilities (or designate). Playground equipment must be assembled and/or installed under the supervision of either an authorized representative of the manufacturer, or school district maintenance staff. 

3. The school district will maintain adventure playground structures once they are erected on school grounds. 

4. If, in the opinion of the Director of Facilities, playground equipment becomes hazardous or is irreparable, the equipment will be removed. 

5. Funding for playground development may be provided from the following sources: 

  • funds provided through local parent initiatives 
  • funds from local community service organizations (i.e. Rotary, Lions or Kinsmen) 
  • funds from the Ministry of Education 
  • school funds collected as a result of school fund-raising activities 

6. Preliminary plans for adventure playgrounds, indicating the location and type of equipment to be built, must be submitted through the principal to the Director of Facilities for approval in principle. 

7. Following approval in principle, detailed drawings for individual items of equipment must receive final approval by the Director of Facilities, prior to construction. 

8. If requested through the principal, the school district will purchase CSA approved materials and provide CSA certified labour or a contracted CSA certified company to construct the adventure playground according to CSA Playground Standards, subject to the sponsoring group reimbursing the school district for any costs incurred. 

(Last Revised: June 2016)