AP 305

Surveys of Students


The purpose of this procedure is to ensure that information acquired through surveys conducted or facilitated by School District personnel is properly managed. This procedure provides expectations for collecting, reporting, and circulating information acquired from surveys. 


The following guidelines will apply for the deployment and use of the student surveys: 

1. District level surveys (i.e. of students in more than one school) may be completed only under the authority of the Superintendent. 

2. Principals may conduct school level surveys or authorize staff to conduct school level surveys of their local student population. There must be a clear educational basis for such surveys. 

3. As a general principle, all surveys administered to students must be conducted anonymously. 

4. All collected data from school surveys must be treated confidentially (i.e. must mask the identity of students). 

5. The principal must ensure that information acquired through surveys is properly managed and disclosed. 

6. Survey results relating to specific schools, demographic groups, or individual may not be circulated to any external party without the permission of the Superintendent. 


AP 301 – Access to Students 

(Last Revised: July 2020)