AP 212

Options for the Dissection of Animals


One instructional strategy implemented as a means for students to meet the learning outcomes around animal systems is animal dissection. The district acknowledges the right of students to choose not to participate in or observe animal dissections for cultural, religious or ethical reasons.


  1. Schools will provide, within the resources available to them, alternative strategies and activities which meet the science curriculum learning outcomes.
  2. In any class where animal dissection is part of the curriculum, teachers will inform students that they have a choice to opt-out of animal dissection and that an alternative activity will be made available.
  3. Students who choose to opt-out of animal dissection will require a parent/guardian signature prior to commencement of a dissection activity.
  4. Information about this option will be provided at the beginning of each course during which the dissection is scheduled and just prior to the dissection. Information will also be included in all course outlines where animal dissection is included as a part of the curricular program.
  5. An alternative activity (not just observing) that meets the curricular learning outcomes must be provided and must offer an equal learning experience.
  6. All student assessments will be based on the science curriculum outcomes. For students who choose an alternative activity, assessment of their progress will be similar to assessment processes used for dissection activities.
  7. Alternatives to animal dissection will be available in all schools, and the principal is responsible for ensuring that comparable alternatives including books, models, film, computer simulations and/or interactive CD’s are available for use.


For activities on alternative animal dissections:

Last Revised: May 2013