AP 204

French Immersion


The purpose of this procedure is to ensure that French Immersion programs in the Abbotsford School District operate according to the Ministry of Education and Child Care guidelines and school program goals. This procedure provides guidelines for French Immersion education at the primary, intermediate and secondary levels. 


1. French Immersion programs will operate according to Ministry of Education and Child Care guidelines, and will be designed to meet the following program goals equally in all schools:

  • 1.1 Develop in students the ability to communicate effectively in both languages, so that they may take advantage of educational, vocational, and cultural opportunities. 
  • 1.2 Develop in students an appreciation and understanding of the values and customs of Francophone people, particularly in French Canada. 
  • 1.3 Develop in students a favourable attitude towards the French language and Francophone people 

2. Within the limits of available space and resources, the Superintendent will ensure continuity of the French Immersion program to students. 

3. The Superintendent is responsible for providing the French Immersion program with bilingual support services K-12. French Immersion teachers must demonstrate both oral and written fluency in both French and English. 

4. Students will be admitted to the immersion Program via Early Immersion at the kindergarten, grade 1 levels (if space is available), and also via the Late French Immersion program in grade 6.

  • 4.1 School staff, in consultation with parents who choose to register their child in Early Immersion at the grade 1 level, should discuss the following:
    • Reasons why the child did not begin Early Immersion in kindergarten 
    • The child’s readiness to enter French Immersion in grade 1 
    • Establish a trial period and set a date to review the child’s progress in his/her transition within the first six weeks. 

5. Registration begins in January for the following school year. 

  • 5.1 Registration priorities for French Immersion are set out in AP 336 – Student Registration & School Catchment Areas
  • 5.2 Students attending French Immersion classes from outside the school’s catchment area will be considered non-catchment students. They may be provided transportation as set out in AP 307, ‘Transportation of Students to and from School’. Otherwise, parents will be responsible for transporting students. 
  • 5.3 Non-catchment permits are granted for French Immersion schools on the same basis as they are granted for English language schools. 
  • 5.4 When a school’s program is filled, students and parents will be advised to register at a neighbouring French Immersion school, provided that the school has space. 
  • 5.5 Once in the French Immersion program, students will be accommodated for the duration of the program. However, new non-catchment requests may be cancelled as school demographics change. 
  • 5.6 Students who enter a French Immersion program from a non-catchment school or from an out-of-district school will return to their home school or home district at year-end if they withdraw from the program. 


AP 336 – Student Registration & School Catchment Areas

Last Revised: February 2020