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Board/Authority Authorized (BAA) Courses


Courses for the Abbotsford School District may be developed and implemented to supplement the Ministry’s curriculum offerings and meet local needs. The purpose of this procedure is to ensure that Board/Authority Authorized Courses are appropriate, relevant, and feasible. This section provides a list of questions to be answered to ensure that proposed courses meet the established criteria. 


1. The Board of Education will approve BAA Courses, supporting texts, and other instructional materials by resolution. 

2. The following criteria will be applied with respect to BAA Courses: 

  • 2.1 Does the proposed course follow the guidelines found in the BAA Courses Requirements and Procedures Guidebook? 
  • 2.2 Does it follow the District (Ministry) template? 
  • 2.3 Has a sound educational rationale been developed and written for the course? 
  • 2.4 Is the course appropriate for a public school at the level indicated? 
  • 2.5 Is the proposed course significantly different from existing courses? 
  • 2.6 What evidence, with supporting data, is there of the need or demand for the proposed course? 
  • 2.7 Has a clear set of goals and learning outcomes been developed and written? 
  • 2.8 Is the course consistent with the provincial and district philosophy of education? 
  • 2.9 Is the cost of the course commensurate with its value to students? 
  • 2.10 Can this course be offered without adversely affecting funds and facilities available for other courses? 
  • 2.11 Are special qualifications needed to teach the course? Will the proposed course be able to survive if the originator of the course leaves the district? 
  • 2.12 Have the course developers surveyed the field for appropriate instructional materials? 
  • 2.13 Is the new course one that could be used at other schools in the district? 
  • 2.14 Will the proposed course have at least 18 students? 
  • 2.15 If the courses have more than one grade level, are outcomes discrete and specific to each level? 

3. Application Procedures 

  • 3.1 On a yearly basis, a “Timeline for BAA Course Applications Approval” will be issued to all secondary administrators in the district. Administrators will declare their intention to submit a course proposal to the Director of Curriculum by the deadline stated on the “Timeline for BAA Course Applications Approval”. 
  • 3.2 Proposed BAA course descriptions will be shared with representatives from the respective union locals (ADTA and Teamsters Local 31). 

4. Each year, the Superintendent (or designate) will review with the Board the list of Board/Authority Authorized Courses in use, and those planned to be used the following year. 


Board Authority/Authorized Courses Requirements and Procedures Guidebook

Last Revised: June 2016