AP 201

Evergreen Certificate (School Completion Certificate)


The Evergreen Certificate (B.C. School Completion Certificate) recognizes the accomplishment of school completion for students with Ministry of Education and Child Care designations who have successfully completed their educational plan. This administrative procedure outlines the duties of teachers and administrators to ensure that Evergreen Certificates are awarded properly 


To be eligible to receive a Ministry of Education and Child Care issued Evergreen Certificate, students must: 

1. Have a Ministry of Education and Child Care special education designation 

2. Be working on an educational plan which: 

  • 2.1. Is completely defined by the goals and objectives of an individual education plan (IEP) OR 
  • 2.2. Is partly defined by the goals and objectives of an IEP and partly by the Ministry of Education and Child Care standards 
  • 2.3. Is not designed to meet the graduation requirements of the Dogwood Certificate 
  • 2.4. Includes IEP goals and objectives in a minimum of the following three areas: 
    • 2.4.1. Individualized functional academics or academic skills intervention 
    • 2.4.2. Self-determination and independence 
    • 2.4.3. Transition planning 

3. Complete the following physical activity requirements: 

  • 3.1. Completion of up to eighty (80) hours of physical activity in their final school year in school, home or community. 
  • 3.2. The physical activity may be defined as participation in one or more physical activities which could include physiotherapy, community-based activities, Special Olympics, adapted or regular physical education courses. 

Principals must ensure that: 

  • Once these criteria are met the school submits the demographic data for the student to the Ministry of Education and Child Care, including the date when the student met the goals of his or her educational program. The Ministry of Education and Child Care will then prepare and distribute to the school a specially designed Evergreen Certificate, distinct from the Dogwood Diploma, for authorized signature and distribution to the student. (See Ministerial Order 205/95). 
  • The school submits the list of the students who have been recommended to receive the Evergreen Certificate (names and student PIN), in excel format to the Director of Learning Support Services in June of each year. 
  • Students who are continuing in the district for an extra year to complete their IEP goals must not be issued their Evergreen Certificate until the end of their final year. 

Last Revised: June 2016