AP 102

Non-Instructional Days


The purpose of this procedure is to provide guidance for teachers and support staff with respect to the use of non-instructional days. 


  1. Definitions
    1. There are six non-instructional days in the school calendar and they are designated as follows: 
    2. The “Ministry Day,” where under the School Act the Minister of Education may designate a day for the purposes of facilitating activities that “in the board's opinion are designed to enhance student achievement, with a focus on either personalized learning or aboriginal student success.” (Ministerial Order 122/93) 
    3. The province-wide day (typically in October) 
    4. The district-wide day (typically in February) 
    5. Three “school based” days (assigned by the Board) 
  2. Non-instructional days are to be used for: 
    1. individual or group professional development; 
    2. school planning or teacher education related to new curriculum or educational change. 
  3. School principals have a duty to work collaboratively with their staff to ensure that all non-instructional days are used productively to enhance the learning agenda. 
  4. Teachers are required to report the nature and location of their professional learning to their principal prior to each non-instructional day. 
  5. The focus of the “school-based” day is to be decided collaboratively by both teachers and principals through consensus and a vote at a staff meeting. The vote for the content of a non-instructional day should be noted on the agenda, with sufficient notice (minimum of five days) for teachers. The rule of "50% plus 1" of all staff applies for the vote. 
  6. All teachers are expected to participate in the professional development choice(s) of the majority. 
  7. With the principal’s approval a teacher may work on an alternative activity independent of a whole staff activity. 
  8. Teachers may work at another site, with principal’s approval. 
  9. Teachers may not use non-instructional days in lieu of time spent at parent teacher conferences. 
  10. Part-time teachers may choose to attend non-instructional days when it is not their regular day of work. 
  11. Support Staff
    1. If in a permanent position, support staff are to be paid for attendance on non-instructional days, but should engage in learning activities appropriate to their assignment. 
    2. If requested, the principal may provide leave (without pay) from a non-instructional day. 
    3. Casual support staff do not get paid for attending a non-instructional day unless the Human Resources Department provides approval.

Last Revised: June 2016