AP 101

School Based Mangement


The purpose of this procedure is to clarify the boundaries of site-based decision making throughout Abbotsford School District.


  1. The fundamental principle which underpins school-based decision making is that instructional decisions related to student learning are best made by those closest to the student.
  2. Notwithstanding this principle, it is understood that schools and departments operate under the corporate direction of the Board of Education, as vested in the Superintendent of Schools.
  3. All schools must operate within the boundaries of:
    • The School Act and other laws related to education;
    • The policies of the Board of Education;
    • The duly signed collective agreements with Teamsters Local 31 and the Abbotsford District Teachers’ Association; and
    • The administrative procedures established herein under the authority of the Superintendent of Schools:
      • Finance
      • Human Resources
      • Facilities and Transportation
      • Technology
      • Curriculum
      • Learning Support Services
      • Communications and Corporate branding
  4. In keeping with the above parameters, the superintendent delegates authority to the principals and department administrators to fulfill the educational mandate of the district.
  5. It is the responsibility of the principal to establish structures and procedures to appropriately meet the needs of the students within their care. Key areas of responsibility for principals include:
    • Staffing
    • Establishing and monitoring annual goals for school improvement
    • Resource allocation and monitoring to ensure alignment with the school’s educational priorities
    • Developing and maintaining a safe, caring and orderly learning environment.
  6. In areas where responsibilities are unclear, it is expected that all staff will seek clarification from their immediate supervisors.

Last Revised: May 2013