AP 111

Copyrighted Materials


The purpose of this procedure is to provide guidance to the schools and district sites in observing copyright law.


1. The Abbotsford School District does not condone or support the reproduction of digital formats, television and radio programs, audio and video resources, printed matter, or any other copyrighted or patented materials for which the rights are not secured by an individual, a school or by the district.

2. School/Site Responsibility

  • 2.1 All equipment capable of reproducing copyrighted material will have a label affixed which details instructions for copying copyrighted materials.
  • 2.2 Principals and Operational Management staff are to ensure that equipment capable of reproducing copyrighted material has the appropriate labels attached.

3. Print Materials

  • 3.1 Printed materials covered by the Access Copyright ® license with the BC Ministry of Education may be reproduced in accordance with the terms of the current agreement. Print material not covered by the Access Copyright license cannot be used by employees unless written permission (from the legal copyright holder) is obtained.

4. Non-Print Materials

  • 4.1 School district employees cannot use purchased or rented audio, video, or software in the classroom unless a district or specific site license permitting public performance has been obtained. Video recording of television programs is protected by copyright with some exceptions.

5. Limited Exemptions for Educational Purposes

  • 5.1 Legislation does allow for limited exemptions for educational purposes. A list of those exemptions is available in schools, or can be obtained by calling the Director of Information Technology.
  • 5.2 The Director of Information Technology or designate will inform employees on a regular basis about copyright legislation. An appropriate copyright warning notice will be placed on or near district equipment capable of making audio, video, or print copies.
  • 5.3 Employees wishing to obtain legal permission to copy materials should contact the Director of Information Technology or designate to obtain information on the process.


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Last Revised: May 2013