AP 110

Signage, Murals and Images


The purpose of this procedure is to ensure external and internal signage, murals and images posted on school district property serve the intended purpose of communicating a message consistent with the values and operating principles of the district. 


1. In general, schools must not become vehicles for the displaying of materials intended primarily for commercial gain, nor for the exploitation of students and their families by commercial, religious, cultural or other non-school interests. 

  • 1.1 Murals and Images: 
    • 1.1.1 The school principal is required to meaningfully consult with the parent advisory council (PAC), staff and (where appropriate) students, about the content and placement of murals, images or symbols on the interior/exterior walls or walkways of the school. Meaningful consultation implies listening and discussing peoples’ concerns, and being prepared to accommodate those ideas.
    • 1.1.2 Prior to proceeding, the school principal must also seek authorization from the Director of Facilities in relation to the planning and installation of murals, images or symbols on school district property to ensure that the project is technically feasible, and that associated costs are considered. 
    • 1.1.3 The principal is required to share the process and outcome of these consultations with the superintendent (or designate) prior to commencing the project. 
  • 1.2 Exterior and Interior School Signage: 
    • 1.2.1 The school principal must seek authorization from the Director of Facilities on the installation of all regulatory signs required by Government Regulation and/or City By-Law. 
    • 1.2.2 All regulatory signs utilized on school district property shall be placed in conspicuous and appropriate areas and approved by the Director of Facilities.

Last Revised: April 7, 2021