AP 109



The purpose of this procedure is to ensure that the Canadian flag is flown according to specific guidelines. This section provides guidelines for raising, lowering, storing, and replacing the Canadian flag, including flying the flag at half-mast. 


  1. The National Flag of Canada, and where possible the Province of BC flag on separate flag poles, will be hoisted on school property. 
  2. The flag(s) will remain hoisted during the hours school is in session and will be removed during winter, spring and summer breaks. 
  3. The National Flag of Canada is always flown in the position of honour:
    1. The National Flag is always flown on its own mast. 
    2. When there are three flags, the National Flag is flown in the center 
    3. When there are two flags or more than three flags, the National Flag is flown furthest left (to an observer facing the display)  
  4. When the flag is taken down, it should not touch the ground and must be carefully folded and kept in a suitable place. 
  5. When notified by the Superintendent's office to fly the flag at half-mast, custom dictates that the flag must be raised to the top of the flag pole before being lowered to half-mast. Once lowered, the flag should be set at a position recognizably “half-mast”. 
  6. When a flag becomes tattered and is no longer in a suitable condition for use, it must be destroyed in a dignified manner. Please deliver all flags to be destroyed to Facilities by June 15th of each school year for appropriate disposal. Flags are not to be discarded in the garbage. 
  7. Flags can be ordered from www.dcv.gov.bc.ca (enter “flag” in the search box on the left menu bar.) 



Last Revised: July 2017