AP 108

Singing of the National Anthem


The purpose of this procedure is to promote loyalty to Canada and to develop a spirit of patriotism in students through the singing of the national anthem. 


  1. Schools are required to teach students the words to ‘O Canada’ and the respectful behaviour to be observed during its singing. 
  2. School assemblies will have the Canadian flag displayed conspicuously in the assembly hall. The words of the National Anthem may also be displayed. 
  3. The Canadian National Anthem will be sung at the beginning of every formal school assembly. In dual-track schools, the anthem, or portions thereof, should be sung in both official languages. 
  4. The Canadian National Anthem will be sung by all K-Grade 8 students at least once a week in either English or French. This is optional at the secondary level. 
  5. During the singing of ‘O Canada’, all assembled should face the Canadian National flag. 
  6. Hats (caps, etc.) will be removed for the singing of the Canadian National Anthem, as a sign of respect.


School Act, Section 189 (1.2)
School Regulations, 5(10 and 5(11)

Last Revised: July 2017