AP 107

Human Rights


The purpose of this procedure is to highlight the expectations implicit in the BC Human Rights Code.


  1. The district is committed to providing a learning and working environment which provides equal access and opportunities to all and where discriminatory practices that violate the BC Human Rights Code are prohibited.
  2. The district believes that the learning and working environment should be supportive of the dignity and self-esteem of individuals at all times. This requires mutual respect, cooperation and understanding among all individuals and groups involved in the school district.
  3. District and school leaders will:
    1. ensure that all schools, departments and sites are free from discriminatory practices that violate the BC Human Rights Code.
    2. create awareness in all staff and students of the diversity of the community and school or department members and assist students and district employees in developing positive behaviour towards all persons.
    3. continue to promote curricula and programs that provide opportunities for all persons within the school community to acquire a better understanding of human diversity.

Last Revised: May 2013