AP 106

Parent Advisory Councils


The purpose of this policy is to encourage and recognize Parent Advisory Councils as the collective voice of the school’s parents/ guardians, and to outline processes for their meaningful involvement in schools. 


  1. Parent Advisory Councils must operate according to Section 8 of the School Act
  2. Every principal in the Abbotsford School District must be aware of the requirements of Section 8 of the School Act. Principals and staff are responsible to the Board of Education, through the Superintendent or designate, for decisions concerning the school and its operation. 
  3. For the Parent Advisory Council to play a meaningful role, its organization, functions, and terms of reference must be clearly defined. The council should have full knowledge of its role and responsibilities and its relationship with the local school to ensure every opportunity for success. 
  4. In matters where the Parent Advisory Councils are advising the principal, the Board expects the Parent Advisory Councils will operate in a manner consistent with their Constitution and By-laws. This does not preclude the right of any parent or group of parents from providing input or feedback to the Board on any issue. 
  5. The Board of Education recognizes the District Parent Advisory Council (DPAC) as an organization whose membership is comprised of representatives of individual school Parent Advisory Councils in the Abbotsford School District. As such, DPAC provides valuable input on parental views in the Abbotsford School District.

Last Revised: May 2013