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Substance Abuse & Prevention

The Abbotsford School District works with the Abbotsford Police Department and other community partners in continuing efforts to address the concerns and effects that drug use has on our youth. This year there has been special focus on the dangers of ecstasy. The Abbotsford Police have produced an impactful video (Operation X -- The Straight Goods on 'E' a YouTube link) about ecstasy, including deaths of two Abbotsford youth resulting from taking ecstasy, and the effect it has had on family, friends and the community. This video and a live presentation toured all district secondary schools in the spring of 2012, being seen by some 7,400 students. As well the police department has produced an information page on its website with links to a number of resources. 

In early 2012 the school district established a Substance Abuse Task Force. A three month study of the status of our community’s collective response to the issue of drug abuse among children and youth resulted in a report and 17 recommendations provided to the Board of Education in May. The task force was comprised of staff from elementary, middle and secondary schools, representatives from the District Parent Advisory Council, the District Student Council, the Abbotsford Police Department, and community agencies.


May, 2016: Letter to Parents and info documents from Abbotsford Police Department re new drug dangers:  ENGLISH version //  PUNJABI version

The Vancouver Sun is currently (September 22 to 28, 2012) running a series on the dangers and prevelance of substance abuse, specifically ecstasy. Read the first installment.