Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What if my child attends a district program and our family would like to return to our catchment area school?
    Your child is considered a new catchment area student and has priority according to the registration priorities outline in AP 336.

  2. My child attends an Integrated Arts School, a Traditional School or a District Academy. Does this change affect them? 

  3. Do I need to re-register my child at their catchment school if they are attending an out-of-catchment school? 
    No. All non-catchment students will automatically be transferred to their catchment school for September 2018.

  4. What if I still want my child to attend their current school as an out of catchment student?
    Your child will be automatically transferred to their catchment school effective September 2018 to ensure they have a place in a school. Take a completed "Out-of-Catchment Request" to your catchment school. After the principal has reviewed it, you may take it to your current school for consideration after space is made available for catchment area children.

  5. What if I want my child to remain at the school they were placed in as my catchment school was full?
    Please fill out an out of catchment request. Take it to your catchment area school principal for acknowledgement and then submit your out of catchment request to your preferred school. Your application will be considered according to registration priorities listed above.

  6. What if we are new to the District and I want to register my child at an out of catchment school? 
    Please register your child at their catchment school first. Complete an “Out-of-Catchment Request” and take it the school you would like your child to attend. Admission decisions are made on a yearly basis and are dependent on available space in September.