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News: Friday, July 3rd, 2020

High School Schedule Changes

For the 2020-21 school year, all of our high schools will adopt a quarterly schedule. This is different from our typical two-semester schedule, where students have four or five classes per semester. The quarterly system involves students taking fewer classes at any one time.

How does a quarterly schedule works?

Students would take two courses at a time:

  • students may take one subject in the morning and the other in the afternoon, or both subjects in the afternoon.
  • students will continue to receive the same amount of instructional time as they did in a two-semester schedule, but it will be a blend of online learning and in-class activities/extensions.
  • in-person classes will vary in time according to the respective school.

Why are we introducing a quarterly semester schedule?

This change is being introduced because it will:

  • help give high schools and students more flexibility to transition between stages during the school year if the COVID-19 pandemic evolves;
  • allow students to focus on fewer subjects at any one time, which will help ease the transition if schools have to move through the various pandemic stages, while facilitating at-home learning; and
  • facilitate stronger relationships between students and teachers that will enhance social-emotional well-being.

Some high schools may have slight variations to this schedule. Parents and students can expect correspondence from their school in August detailing how they plan to deliver programming that fits the needs of their school community.

Where can families find more information?

Families who have questions about what the quarterly schedule will look like for their child should:

  • review the school correspondence that will be sent to them by mid-August;
  • visit the website of their child’s school; and
  • contact their child’s high school during the week prior to school start up.

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