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Blog: Thursday, June 28th, 2018

Victory is Ours!

This is the cry of students and staff across the district as we tie a bow on the incredible efforts that have brought the 2017/18 school year to a close. What a year of learning and growth this has been for all of us!

Children across our schools have benefited from more hands-on, personalized, inquiry focused learning activities than ever before. As we deepened our work on the revised provincial curriculum, Abbotsford teachers masterfully designed lessons that wove core and curricular competencies with content standards. Inquiry questions, like little seeds, grew into experiences that children were able to connect with on multiple levels to truly make their learning their own.

Preparing our children for a future in a time of accelerating change is complex work. The development of their personal and social competencies, creativity and ability to collaborate with others is as important as the foundational skills of literacy and numeracy. Thank you Abbotsford educators for your perseverance in making the promise of the revised curriculum ever more visible in the learning happening across the district. Our challenge is much like the learning target students were focused on in the makerspace at Harry Sayers, “I can make my idea work when I keep playing with it, even if it takes a few tries.” That passion and commitment to lifelong learning for our students is what makes each of us successful in the important role we all have. Victory is yours.

Assistant Superintendent