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Blog: Wednesday, October 18th, 2017

Celebrating the Surrey Sistahs!

The Surrey Sistahs are at the Park! Introducing Lynne Fedora, Heather Johnson and Cathy Beukers. These brave ladies made the leap and joined the Abbotsford School District this year. They left their daily commutes behind to join the home team at Centennial Park and haven’t looked back! With a combined 70 years teaching experience they bring a wealth of professional knowledge to our district and the impact they have already had on our school has been outstanding. Sharing their talents and experience with leading initiatives in self-regulation, literacy, digital portfolios, and more with our team has continued to push our school forward in meeting the needs of our students. Thank you for taking a huge professional risk and switching districts at this stage of your careers. We are truly lucky to have you on our team! So many schools have welcome teachers like you this year and we are truly grateful. Welcome to our schools and to our amazing district!

Principal, Centennial Park Elementary