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Blog: Wednesday, November 15th, 2017

Celebrating Shelly Kenyon

We know who really runs the school. It’s not the principal, or the vice-principal. It’s the secretary! Shelly Kenyon, who arrived just over a year ago, is the face of Godson. She is the first person everyone sees when they walk through the door.  And even though Godson is a busy place, Shelly takes the time to make everyone she interacts with feel important.

Shelly is the communication hub of the school. She is able to answer phones, locate important documents, apply ice and Band-Aids, make announcements, greet visitors and hold the bus for the child who is running late… all with grace and calm. It is not unusual to see Shelly tending to a child who is sick or in need of a kind or encouraging word before heading back to class. She has a gift for using humor to de-escalate a stressful situation and creates a safe, inviting environment for students, staff and parents alike.

Shelly and her family have generously volunteered their time preparing and serving breakfast for our students and helping with school events. Godson is a great school because of the amazing people who work here and we are so glad that Shelly has joined the team.

Principal, Godson Elementary